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How to navigate a relationship while in the military


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…Military life is different than regular life, and can present its own unique set of challenges when it comes to relationships. So what are the best tips for navigating a relationship while one or both of you is in the service? We have comedian and 26 year career servicewoman Leslie Battle with us to give the best tips for having a relationship while in the military.

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  1. Know what you are getting into. Military life often involves travel and unusual hours. Your service member may have to withhold information about their job or location for safety security reasons. Your service member may have endured circumstances you have no frame of reference for. It takes a lot of flexibility, understanding and commitment to maintain a relationship with a member and the armed forces.
  2. Identify and voice your priorities early and often. If your career is your priority, your partner needs to know that.
  3. Be very cautious about dating people in your unit. Military people are very close and news travels fast.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get help if your relationship turns dangerous.


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1) If you are someone who needs a boyfriend or girlfriend at your side at all times or their constant attention and affection, a military spouse life is not going to be a great choice for you.


5) If you have a very defined career path that requires a specific location & number of years spent in one place a military partnership will make that very difficult. Choose a career that is easily portable. If you want a big career that demands you live in a particular area, or long years in one place, don’t date people in the service.


6) If you have a lot of anxiety and worry a lot, being a military spouse may not be something you are built for. Your choices are find every way possible to strengthen yourself and survive or choose a less stressful life for yourself. A military spouse works with uncertainty and danger every day. If that isn’t something you handle well it will add a lot of stress to a service member’s life, which isn’t fair to them.


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Final Thoughts:

9) If you aren’t a happy person, you won’t be happy with the military. There will be lots of things to complain about and get frustrated by. Obsessing about all these things will make you, your partner and everyone around you miserable. If you can see the glass half-full, you will have a fantastic experience with a military spouse.


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