0153 – 3 Rock Solid Ways to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

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I am Elijah R Young, I’m here with Sarah J. Storer and this is Relations: The Podcast, the on-demand radio show giving you better relationships, and more importantly, helping you become a better person to be in a relationship with…In today’s show:


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This is for the fellas, today we’re gonna show you how to get her back! And ladies, you’ll hear what you should pay attention to, and what to ignore. This is a continuation of a conversation on Yourtango.com


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  • 3 Things You Should Never Say to Get Her Back
  • 3 Things to Get her Back Immediately


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…You broke up, and you’re pretty sure that was NOT the right decision. So is it possible to get her back after the relationship is broken? We’ll learn in this episode what you should never say, and what you should try to get her back for good.


Segment #1 The Don’ts

  1. “It was both our faults.” Yes, odds are that the relationship’s failure was a joint effort, but if you’re the one trying to reconcile, you’re the one who must own up to your mistakes. Pointing out that it took two to tango will merely put your ex on [edge]
  2. “I can change.” This statement can be a bit tricky, but it tends to be something you shouldn’t say for two reasons. First of all, it’s likely that your ex has heard it before — you may have promised to change with the regularity of a dental visit, offering empty promises every six months. Second of all, words have little power in the reconciliation game; don’t tell her you can change, show her that you have.
  3. “You’ll regret not giving me another chance.” This is another phrase that is rarely included on the what to say to your ex-girlfriend list. For one thing, it can appear to be threatening, especially if you say it in anger. And, it can also anger your ex, basically causing you to come across as God’s gift to her.


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Segment #2

  1. “I screwed up.” There may be a million reasons you and your ex broke up, and your ex may indeed deserve the majority of the blame. But if you want her back, you need to own up to whatever part you had, and it would be very rare that you didn’t play at least some part.
  2. “I have a plan.” Another phrase you should use when trying for a happy reunion is the admission that you have given some thought to the future. You and your ex broke up for a reason and blindly getting back together will probably have a similar result. Having a plan, on the flipside, shows that you are aware of your past struggles and what you need to do the surmount them.
  3. “I can wait.” One of the most common mistakes guys make when trying to reconcile with their ex is lack of patience. Many yearn for their ex’s affections like a junkie yearns for a fix. But this is unfair; a break up is a time when both parties need a chance to think, decompress and act based on logic, not fresh emotions. This is why telling your ex that you can wait is so important. It acknowledges that you know she may need time, and it shows that you respect her enough to give it to her.

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