0029 – Seven Signs You’re In a Rebound Relationship

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…we’re talking all about rebounds

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by the end of this episode you’ll learn:

  • what a rebound really is
  • why they happen
  • why they are bad…or good?
  • how to navigate a rebound

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…The old saying is that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. But is a rebound really the best way to heal? And what if you’re missing life lessons from the last relationship by jumping right into the next? So if you’ve ever rebounded or are looking to rebound, this episode can help.

Rebounds defined:

Jessica Booth | Gurl.com

7 Signs You’re in a Rebound Relationship

What is a rebound? To put it simply, it’s basically a distraction to keep a guy or girl from thinking about their recent breakup. If a guy goes into a rebound relationship, he’s looking for a quick way to get over his ex by being with someone else. But what he’s really doing his projecting his feelings about his ex onto a new girl – in a sense, he’s using the new girl.

People who go into rebound relationships don’t go into them with the intention of using someone or hurting someone else. They usually think they’re helping themselves… that’s what makes rebounds so tricky.


Facts About Rebound Relationships [Will it Last?]

Why do people rebound?


Nina Atwood | The Singles Coach


By Definition, Can a Rebound Relationship Work Out?


Rebound relationships serve a purpose: To protect the heart from the devastation of losing someone very important. Like a very big cushion, they protect us from the trauma of the fall that is experienced when a deep connection is abruptly severed. These relationships can be healthy, as long as you remain aware of their purpose and take your time with your new partner. If you are not paying attention, however, a rebound relationship can be unhealthy.


Why are they bad (…or good?)


Also from Nina Atwood




  • Expecting a new partner to make up for the shortcomings of the old.
  • Commitment hunger.
  • Chronic fear and anxiety.
  • Skyrocket relationship. (too fast-paced)


Jeremy Sherman | Psychology Today


Rebound: Time Heals, but a New Relationship is Quicker




“Life is incredibly short. We don’t have forever to grieve. Until you have exhausted all of the options and configurations available, you would do well to move on, start a new life, change the scenery. Rebound is good. Life rebounds and so should you.


The question isn’t whether to rebound but when and to what. Yes time heals, but slowly. Time plus changed circumstances heals faster.”



While many experts counsel against the rebound, research from a Princeton study shows  reveal no evidence of a rebound effect on remarriage stability. This was true across all demographics.

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Tips for Navigating a Rebound…


If you’re rebounding:


Ask a few questions:


Mary Darling Montero, LCSW | Huffington Post


Are Rebound Relationships Doomed from the Start?


Dating and/or sex with a new person create chemical reactions in the brain that are similar to those created by powerful, illicit drugs …. In that way, rebound relationships can be a form of “self medication” that’s hard to quit. It’s vital to your overall healing and peace of mind, though, to consider why you’re in a new relationship so soon and how it’s affecting you.


  • Are you a chronic rebounder?
  • Did you go out looking for a new relationship or did it happen spontaneously?
  • Is your new relationship boosting your self-esteem?
  • Are you in “I’m just having fun” mode?
  • Are you putting up with bad behavior because at least it feels better than being alone?


Note: Be honest, have courage to walk away if it’s not right.


If you’re SO is rebounding:


eHarmony Advice (FAVORITE)


Seven Signs You’re a Rebound


  • Bitterness
  • Eagerness
  • The Ex Talk
  • The Ex Remains
  • Physical, not Emotional
  • Friends are Surprised He/She is Dating Again
  • Commitment-Phobic



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In Closing

In closing, on behalf of myself, Elijah R. Young, and everyone involved in bringing this show to your ears, we hope we’ve made your relationship better today than it was yesterday. Now go forth and relate to one another…we’ll talk soon.

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