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by the end of this episode you’ll learn:

  • 10 Mistakes Men and Women Make in their online dating profile
  • Tips for a killer Online Dating profile

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Online dating sets you up for failure right from the beginning. It’s hard as hell to write about yourself and it seems all too easy to get it completely wrong. By the end of this episode, you’ll be able to complete your profile with the confidence that you at least got step one right!

    • Dating profile mistakes
      • Bobbi Palmer (https://twitter.com/bobbipal)http://datelikeagrownup.com/
        • Five Big Online Dating Profile Mistakes Made by Women over 40
          • It’s a shopping list. Your profile is your calling card, not a wish list. Once you’ve hit your 40s and beyond, you kind of know what works for you and what doesn’t. Many women use their profile as a list of their likes and dislikes. That can be a turn-off. The purpose of your profile is to market you. If you do a good job describing yourself and painting a picture of what it feels like to be in a relationship with you, it will attract the right men and repel the wrong ones.
          • It’s too boring. “I love spending time with my friends, volunteering and reading novels.” When a man reads this his eyes glaze over and he moves on to the next profile. It’s too generic, common and, frankly says nothing about you that’s interesting. Instead, be more specific and paint a picture for him. Such as, “A great evening for me is trying out the newest ethnic food restaurant with a few good friends and disagreeing about the controversial exhibit at the art museum.”
      • Heath Adams (https://twitter.com/theheathadams)http://www.thedatingmaverick.com
        • The Top 5 Online Dating Mistakes
          • Being a negative Nancy – One of the biggest turn-offs in the dating world is a profile that lists all of the things a person is not into. This is a huge turn off for me and many other online daters.  These types of profiles sound stuck up, pretentious, and finicky.  When I read this I think, if you’re going to be this picky about who can message you, how’s our relationship going to be?  I’ve already shown you what a good profile looks like, so I won’t show you again.  Just please, for the love of the online dating God, do not be a negative Nancy!
      • Ronnie Ann Ryan (https://twitter.com/@RonnieAnnRyan)http://www.nevertoolate.biz/
        • 5 Mistakes In Your Online Dating Profile
          • Skimping on photos. What’s the first thing a man sees about your profile? Your photo! That’s why you want pictures that do you justice and show off your best look. I often recommend professional photos, but you can have a friend take them as well. The point is to really think about the photos you post because they are extremely important to your online dating success.
      • Eleanor Margolis (https://twitter.com/eleanormargolis) – Lez Miserable Column
        • Ten online dating mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to die alone
          • When you message someone for the first time, ask, “How’re you?” – We’ve never met. How am I? I could be in hospital, dying of botulism and you’d mostly be thinking, “Right. So no sex then?” In fact, nothing says, “I’m only interested in your rude parts” quite like the “How’re you?” first message. If you’ve read through someone’s carefully constructed dating CV – a comprehensive list of their interests, views and quirks – and the only thing you can think of asking is “how’re you?” you’re either really lazy or really horny. Or both. Be warned: no one wants to have lethargic sex with you.  
  • Ask the person you’re messaging with if you can add them on Facebook. – The premature Facebook add is deadly. Give someone access to all those pictures of you drunkenly humping park benches, before you’ve even met them IRL, and that date just isn’t going to happen. Ever.



That said, a little bit of exaaaaaggerating is okay from time to time. Just make sure it’s not so much to make a girl feel jilted when she finds out the truth.   

Segment #2 

  • Tips for a killer Online Dating profile
    • Dr. Pepper Schwartz (https://twitter.com/pepperschwartz)
      • PerfectMatch’s Online Dating Profile Tips
        • Dating with intention – The best way to attract people, who share common values, is to make your preferences known. If you’re clear about what you want in a relationship and a mate before you begin writing, your needs will come through in your profile.
        • Take time on your headline – Chances are, the first thing someone will notice is your headline. This is an excellent opportunity to show your true wit, creativity, and personality. Express yourself; be spontaneous, brave, bold, use your favorite quote or a song lyric. This is your opportunity to be imaginative and convey a key aspect of YOU.
    • Lori Vetrano –
      • 10 Tips for Setting up the Best Online Dating Profile
        • Before you find the perfect match, find the perfect match site.  If there’s a particular demographic of people you wish to date, such as Hispanic or Christian or runners, find the dating sites that cater to them.  If you’re not the picky type, do your research on the multiple match sites that exist: OKCupid! is easy yet risky, Grouper allows you to bring friends on your dates, and Tinder is like an adult Hot-or-Not.  Once you find that, then you’re ready to actually make the profile!
    • LavaLife (Carmella Ray) ( https://twitter.com/lavalife )- http://www.lava365.com/
      • Top Online Profile Photo Tips
        •  A smile goes a long way – You would think smiling is something people would naturally do when selecting a primary photo.


Smiles are beautiful, they are free and they can brighten up anyone’s profile picture with only a matter of changing your facial features. A smile is an easy and great way to brighten up your look. In a space that is foreign and strange to most people, a smile has a universal way of saying “It’s OK” Let’s have fun. Take it easy. Life is too short.

When you are genuinely smiling, your eyes smile, and your whole expression somehow becomes warmer and friendlier. You appear to be more trusting. People want to know what you’re excited about meeting others.

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