0079 – 8 Ways to Get the Phone Number at the End of the Conversation (Meeting People Part 5)


How do you ask for the number of someone that you just met? What are the top techniques, tips, and tricks?


Describe the problem

…It’s all going so well. You nailed the initial approach, the extended conversation, you’re having a great time and want to chat with this person again, so now what? You gotta get the number, friend. But for some reason, this part seems to be the hardest for some people. In this episode, we’ll teach you easy ways to get that number confidently.


Segment #1

  1. Use a ‘line’ – “I lost my phone number, can I have yours”…classic. it might seem a bit weird, but some people are charmed by the use of witty one liners in certain situations. Don’t be afraid to lighten up the mood by using a bad line.
  2. Send a friend to ask – In sports, you’re supposed to be able to count on your teammates, why not in real life too? Have a friend pinch hit for you and get that crucial info, there’s no shame in needing a little help, right?
  3. Show, then send – “Have you seen this cool picture of…?” show them something interesting, then use the old “I’ll text it to you” trick to get their phone number on the spot.
  4. Ask for something smaller – Maybe you don’t want to jump right into phone calls, let’s start with Tweets, or competing Tumblr posts, just until you get to know each other better…

Segment #2

  1. Time is short – Engaged in a great conversation? The party doesn’t have to stop just because you have to go. get that number so you guys can finish this ‘appointment’ at a later time. it also gives you an easy opener when you reconnect.
  2. Hand over your phone – Some people don’t get subtle hints. Simply hand them your phone on the appropriate screen and give the simple direction. You’ll be surprised at how many people enter their info…
  3. Set a ‘Date’ – This was fun, let’s get together at this specific time and place to do it again. Oh, by the way, I’ll need your phone number to coordinate, right?
  4. Be Direct – Nothing beats, “Can I have your phone number” for directness. There are very few ways to interpret that as anything but you’d like to chat again. Sometimes the less frills, the better.


Final Thoughts:

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