0004 – Body Language Explained

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we are talking about body language, image and confidence and how it can help–or hinder–your dating life or relationships

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by the end of this episode you’ll learn:

  • how to read your date’s body language
  • what body language is most attractive
  • one of the biggest body language turn-offs during a date

Describe the problem

Knowing people’s intentions is tough to do. How do you know if someone is into you, or more importantly, not into you at all. How can we use tools like body language, and confidence to give us insight into our date and partners. By the end of this show we’ll have a better idea of how to ‘read’ what our partners are saying to us, even when they’re not speaking.

  • On body language
    • Dating Headshots.com
      • How to Read Your Date’s Body Language
        • Legs apart. The iconic power stance (especially when hands are on the hips), standing with your legs apart means you’re in charge. Watch out! This stance can indicate a dominating personality and unwillingness to compromise.
        • Leaning. If your date leans toward you, it’s a sign that he (or she) is enjoying your company. If your date leans away from you, you’re headed for a crash. You can build trust and perhaps head off that crash by quietly mirroring your date’s body movements.
    • Adult Aspergers Chat
      • Reading Body Language: Dating Tips for Adults on the Spectrum
        • In order to gauge the acceptance level of another individual, use the “personal space” test. This test consists of moving a little bit closer to an individual at a social setting so that you are standing close and reducing the size of the space around the other person. An individual less interested in you will attempt to move away. If he or she looks at you, raises the eyebrows and smiles, then this person is usually open to having a conversation.
    • Stuart Pybus
      • Dating and Body Language
        • Some ‘body language’ isn’t what it seems at all, for example:
        • Someone rubbing their eye might have an irritation, rather than being tired – or disbelieving, or upset.
        • Someone with crossed arms might be keeping warm, rather than being defensive.
        • Someone scratching their nose might actually have an itch, rather than concealing a lie.
    • David Vice
      • Body Language Attraction
        • Even your toes are a part of body language attraction that can’t be ignored. Keeping your toes inward is also a good idea because it suggests that you’re not a huge threat. You are willing to stick with someone if that person gets closer to you. This means that you will not appear to be threatening in any way. Women always like it when their men are non-threatening and interested in them for what they are.
    • Anthonia Akitunde
      • Body Language Is Still Important In Dating Over 50
        • Too many clothes – “I see a lot of women in their 50s and beyond wearing way too many clothes, because they’re worried about how their legs look or their arms showing — that’s a physical reflection of what they’re thinking in their minds: ‘I’m not attractive enough,'” Palmer said. “Creating that is another barrier between you and men.”

Segment #2

  • Body Language Do’s and Don’ts
    • Adult Aspergers Chat
      • Reading Body Language: Dating Tips for Adults on the Spectrum
        • People instinctively raise their eyebrows when they meet other interesting people. Use this “identifier” to measure the interest that another individual has with you. Interested or excited people will also have shiny eyes. The eyes have a tiny gland on the bottom of the eyelid that secretes tears for lubrication. When an individual is interested or excited, the glands tend to secrete tears, thus giving the eyes a shiny appearance.
    • Dakota Digital
      • Dating Body Language: Dos and Don’ts
        • One of the easiest and most effective ways to make a connection with someone and send the right signals with body language is by making eye contact. It can help to convey attraction and it can help to ignite that potential spark. Those who do not feel confident in themselves can often find it difficult to make eye contact with a date; they would rather cast their eyes around the room, looking at their meal, looking at their drink or looking at the table. Working hard on making eye contact can not only help the connection between two people, it can also help both parties to feel more relaxed and improve other areas of their physical communication.
      • Do’s and Don’ts: Body Language and Dating
        • Don’t be on your phone. This means no texting, checking Facebook, or taking calls. Not only is this a turn off, but you are sending the wrong message that you are obviously not that into them. If you are intrigued by the conversation and feel like there is some potential there, then make sure you are paying 100% of your attention.

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In Closing

In closing, on behalf of myself, Elijah R. Young, and everyone involved in bringing this show to your ears, we hope we’ve made your relationship better today than it was yesterday. Now go forth and relate to one another…we’ll talk soon.

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