0124 – 8 Ways to Challenge Yourself to Be Better


We’re talking about the ways you can challenge yourself to do better and be better today

By the end of this episode:

  • You’ll learn 8 tips to challenge yourself and take the next step in your journey toward self-improvement

Describe the problem

…You’ve stopped telling yourself lies, you’re asking the right questions, and you’re actively practicing happiness…but you maybe feel a little stagnant. How can you challenge yourself to be better? And how do you reach whatever the “next level” is? Find out in Episode 124: 8 Ways to Challenge Yourself.

Segment #1

  1. Face your fears–Do something every day that scares you a little. It doesn’t have to be big…maybe it’s just making eye contact with that cute girl and giving her a smile. But break out of your day to day routine, and do something that makes you just a little bit afraid
  2. Learn something new–take a class, learn a language, challenge yourself to finally figure out how to fold a fitted sheet
  3. MOVE–this isn’t just physical movement, but movement on a project, or that “thing” you always wanted to do, or even just finally filing away all those pesky bills.
  4. Appreciate the “now”–you can live in the past or worry about tomorrow…but there’s no time like the present to just “be”

Segment #2

  1. Baby steps–how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time
  2. Stop beating yourself up–so you screwed up. You dropped the ball, ate another (and then another) cookie. These things happen. Apologize if you need to, grant yourself a little grace, do better next time
  3. Push just a little bit more–are you SURE you can’t do one more rep? Are you SURE you can’t ask one more question? Maybe you can.  


Final Thoughts:

#1 Ask for feedback–yep, even though it leaves you open and vulnerable, but get someone you trust to be honest with you and ask them what you can improve on. Or get a coach…but for the stuff you can’t challenge yourself with, get outside help

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In Closing

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Until we meet again, keep striving to make every relationship you have the best it can possibly be, including (and especially) the one with yourself. We’ll talk soon.

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