0054 – Signs That It’s Time to Break Up


We’ll investigate how to tell that it’s time to end a relationship.

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by the end of this episode you’ll learn:

  • What signs can you watch out for to know it’s time to let go?
  • Tip on breaking up
  • Breakup mistakes

Describe the problem

You used to be attached at the hip, now you barely notice when you accidentally bump each other while grabbing a coffee filter from the kitchen cabinet in the morning. Your relationship is stale, and something has to be done. Some people spice it up, some people start to cheat, but sometimes the only real solution is to break it off. How can you end a relationship knowing that the the person you’re breaking up with, was once your boonopolis?

Segment #1

  • What signs can you watch out for to know it’s time to let go?\
    • ThoughtCatalog | 15 Signs You’re In A Dead End Relationship
      • The most appealing aspect of remaining in the relationship is the convenience. The fact that so many of your belongings are at his/her place or vice versa. You have tickets to a concert next week that you’d actually like to go to. It’s just easier to not deal with all of the circus-esque crap that a breakup brings.
      • You develop lustful eyes and find everyone else attractive. At least more attractive than your significant other. Every girl looks like Halle Berry, every guy looks like Thor – anyone is better. When your own relationship’s connection isn’t strong enough to fend of things that shouldn’t constantly be a temptation, that’s bad news.
      • The using – scratch that, even the touching of each other’s cell phones or computers is completely off limits. When they turn their phone over so the screen isn’t exposed, shield it away from your view and angrily reject a mere request to see their phone, that’s trouble. There shouldn’t be anything in there that’s that top secret.
      • Every mistake of the past is being held against you. The thing about keeping records of slip-ups and blunders is that it’s impossible to move on from history when it’s constantly being discussed. We do a lot of stupid things in life, the last thing we need is someone reminding us about each one of ‘em.

Segment #2

  • Tip on breaking up
    • Quick and Dirty Tips | How to Break Up
      • Don’t Drag it Out, Don’t Negotiate – If you stay firm, do it quickly. Don’t say “Tonight I have to tell you something important” and leave them hanging all day. Tell your sweetie, framing the message in terms of yourself and your own needs. Then be willing to listen to them and give them room for their emotional reaction. Let them talk and simply listen, perhaps asking for clarification. Do empathize, but don’t back down.
    • Dr Will Constantine | Tips to a Stress Free Break-up
      • Focus on the Good of the Relationship: In a break-up, one typically focuses on what the other person did or didn’t do which resulted in the break up. However, it’s more positive if one focuses on what you’ve gained and how having this relationship with this person has helped you.
  • Breakup mistakes
    • Battle of LA TOur Relationships | 10 Deadly Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make If You Want To Get Your Ex Back
      • Venting Problems On The Internet – Venting on your social media accounts regarding your problems isn’t just embarrassing, but it is also quite dangerous as well. There are two rules you need to follow, which are to not post anything regarding your breakup drama on the Internet no matter how hurtful it may be, and to resist the urge of stalking your ex Online. De-friending or just hiding your account and statuses could help you to avoid the constant temptations to check up on them to see how they’re doing.  
    • Cambridge Day | Love life: Four mistakes to avoid in a breakup
      • But do not use an overly vague explanation such as “It’s not you, it’s me.” It sounds fake, and will make the person feel disrespected, like they are not even worth a decent explanation. Of course there are occasions we cannot 100 percent commit to a relationship, such as too much pressure or family drama, which means it you, not them. But we at least owe that person this reason.

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