0053 – Signs That Your Partner Might Be Cheating


We’ll investigate what to do when you suspect that your partner has cheated on you.

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by the end of this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why people cheat
  • Signs that a partner is cheating
  • How to confront a cheating partner

Describe the problem

There aren’t many things that hurt more than the initial feelings you have when you find out that your exclusive relationship contained at least one more person than you previously thought it did. Congratulations, you’ve been cheated on! The actions you take from this moment on literally decide if this is a teaching moment, a point of contention, or the newest crime spree story on Investigation Discovery. Let’s learn a bit more about finding, and handling, infidelity.

Segment #1

  • Why people cheat
    • MSMedia | See 8 Reasons Why Men Cheat
      • Cheating men report boredom led to the affair: Some men may find the routine of a married life to be tedious and dull. These men find it easier to shift dominance or primacy to another relationship and feel the spark outside to be a thrilling option; instead of finding ways of charging their marriage. It becomes present moment for gratification versus the hard job that they will have to do in their marriage to resolve an issue. The extra-marital relationship provides them with a readymade and fresh experience, which is appealing enough to take the risk.
    • HelloBeautiful | Always A Cheater: Studies Show Women Are Cheating Now More Than Ever
      • Women have been preaching about their independence before Beyonce and her cronies decided to make an anthem about it, rocking barely-there bikinis and explaining that their mothers taught them better than bashing one another on the internet. Now, in 2013, women are boldly independent as moguls, top tier entertainers and more. We’ve proven that we have what it takes to stand strong alongside a man and now that power has translated to the bedroom.
  • Signs that a partner is cheating
    • Charmingoo | 10 Signs That She Is Cheating On You: WARNING!! She Might Be Having An Affair
      • The Mysterious Friend – One telltale sign that a woman is being unfaithful is that she has a mysterious friend who slowly makes a bigger impact in her life. Whether it is a co-worker or someone that she knows from school, she may keep him a secret as well as may be hesitant to share information about him with you. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that something out of the norm is happening here and you should speak with your significant other about it be.
    • GreenTalentz | 7 Signs Your Man Is Cheating
      • Change in His Relationship with His Phone/Email: This is one of the surest tell-tale signs of a cheating man. If normally your man doesn’t care too much about his phone and easily leaves it within your reach, and all of a sudden, does any of the following, he’s probably up to something…
        • -puts a lock/password on it,  or
        • -starts to ensure its always in his pocket or hand
        • -sleeps with it by his bedside
        • -takes it everywhere with him, even into the shower
        • -turns it off when you’re together, claiming he doesn’t want to be bothered when he’s with you
        • -leaves the room to answer calls
        • -jumps or acts startled when you pick up the phone, even if only to hand it to him.
      • Cheating has become high tech. There’s even an app that makes pictures and texts to disappear after a certain time. Notice the new apps he is downloading on his phone.

Segment #2

  • How to confront a cheating partner
    • Family Friendly Search | 4 Things You Shouldn’t Do Once You Discover Your Partner Has Been Unfaithful
      • Don’t plan a big confrontation in front of other people – When some people find out that their partner has been unfaithful they envision dramatically confronting the cheater in front of friends, family, and even co-workers.  That image may be satisfying, but the reality of the situation most likely won’t be.  There’s an old saying that relationship matters should be dealt with in private, and that saying is especially poignant when it comes to infidelity.  You don’t know how your spouse is going to react, and honestly you don’t know how you’re going to handle the confrontation.  The last thing either of your loved ones or co-workers need to see is the both of you sobbing, screaming, or airing each other’s dirty laundry.  Pick a time where you know that the two of you will have some privacy, and tell them there.
    • Daily Workhorse.com | Confronting a Cheating Spouse the Smart Way
      • Blindside him or her – For example, after you have finished dinner, say something like, “Who is that person I saw you with yesterday at (place)?” By saying this, you’re not divulging information about the sex or name of the person you saw with him or her, and you are leaving this open-ended question to get the response you’re either going to believe or not. He or she will probably be stunned and you will be able to tell plenty based on body language response.
      • Try to make your partner feel as if you know the truth before he or she comes out with it without coming out and saying it. This will drive them insane thinking they have been caught and if they have been cheating, it’s more than likely they will have no choice but to fess up. On the flip side, you never know; your partner may have a rational explanation for the series of events but always trust your gut instinct.

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In Closing

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Final Question:

How did you catch your partner cheating?


What’s the worst lie you’ve ever heard somebody use to try to get out of cheating?


Tell us about it in the comment section and let’s see if we can’t continue to relate to one another. We’ll talk soon.

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